Another school shooting – Why the media quickly lost interest

Another school shooting – Why the media quickly lost interest

The Villager

by Brian C. Joondeph

Big media has an axiom, “If it bleeds, it leads” meaning that any mass shooting is a big story. How quickly such news fades from the headlines depends on whether or not the story advances the left-leaning media’s political views and agenda.

The recent school shooting in Highlands Ranch is no exception. Did you notice how quickly it went from being an international story of another school shooting in gun-crazed America to suddenly being replaced by President Trump’s taxes or the latest Democrat presidential candidate?

Several aspects to this shooting were most inconvenient to the media’s gun control agenda, and rather than facilitating an honest discussion about important tangential issues, the media closed up shop and drove on to some other story.

The initial response to the shooting was the tired claim that “we aren’t doing enough” to prevent such tragedies. Yet in 2013, Colorado banned high capacity magazines and a few weeks ago the legislature passed a “red flag law” permitting the government to disarm citizens without due process. Schools are all gun-free zones, yet despite all these measures, Colorado experienced another shooting.

What caused the media to drop the shooting story like a hot potato?

Start with the weapons. This shooting was carried out with handguns, not the evil AR-15 “assault weapon.” Most gun crimes are committed with handguns, not rifles, but that’s not what we hear from the media and politicians.

Bystanders who assisted were also inconvenient to the narrative. Rather than following the typical admonition to hide under your desk, two students charged the shooters, one perishing in the process, but likely unnerving the shooters enough to prevent a mass casualty event.

Never letting a crisis go to waste, two Colorado Democrat Members of Congress, Michael Bennett and Jason Crow, joined a vigil sponsored by an anti-gun group. Students viewed this as politicizing the tragedy and many walked out, not what the media expected or wanted.

There was no David Hogg to holler about Trump and the NRA causing the shooting, turning the vigil into a political rally. CNN did not hold a town hall meeting in Highlands Ranch.

The shooters were not what the media expected. One of the shooters was a registered Democrat, critical of Trump and Christians, supportive of the Occupy Democrat movement, all perfectly aligned with Democrat base voters.

Also ignored is the potential role of marijuana, quite legal in Colorado, and the association in some individuals with violence. Did these shooters have marijuana in their systems? I didn’t hear the media ask this question.

A day after the shooting, Denver decriminalized hallucinogenic mushrooms, which may cause violent and aggressive behavior. Was there any thoughtful discussion of how Colorado schools might be less safe when students have access to mushrooms and cannabis?

One of the shooters was transgender. Females transitioning into males take testosterone which can be associated with violent and aggressive behavior. Since the media views transgenders as the highest form of human evolution, this potential association was never discussed.

All these factors were uncomfortable for CNN, MSNBC, or the Denver Post to explore. Instead, they would have preferred the shooters be heterosexual white Christian males, NRA members wearing MAGA hats, shooting AR-15s. Inconveniently reality was much different and rather than some honest journalism, we were treated to another episode of the drive-by media, skipping a story inconvenient to their political agenda.